Three Months Payment of Iqama – On its Way

Iqama Renewal Fees for minimum of 3 months

Three Months Payment of Iqama Renewal

Good News for all the expats & expatriate family for Renewal on Iqama. We’ve been hearing that there will be a change in payment duration for Iqama Renewal and Banks has already started updating government payments system for three-month renewal of iqamas in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

All the residence permits (Iqama) which are linked to work permits the payment system will be updated for a minimum of three months.

Though the Iqama renewal Fees can be done three months or Six months (Half yearly Iqama Renewal Fee)

Three Months Payment of Iqama Renewal

Three Months Payment of Iqama Renewal

Iqama renewal can be done through the online platforms such as Absher Business, Muqeem, and Qiwa under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

All the banks will only accept a minimum of 3 months payment for Iqama Renewal in multiple of 3 such as six months, nine months or 12 months

However, employers will not be allowed to make payment for the issuance and renewal of iqama of domestic workers and the like on a quarterly basis because their iqamas do not involve work permits.

Iqama renewal in Saudi Arabia is linked to work permit. Employers shall make payment of the expat fees for the renewal of work permit and that is amounted to 800 SAR per month and 9,600 SAR in a year.

Expatriates who have dependents shall have to pay SR 400 per month for each dependent.

Small enterprises with nine or less workers including the full-time Saudi employer will be exempted from the payment of expatriate fee for two workers. The number of workers exempted from the payment of fee will be raised to four if the workers include one Saudi citizen in addition to the full time employer.

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