Top Reasons for Saudi Family Visit Visa Rejection

Top Reasons for Saudi Family Visit Visa

Expatriates staying in Saudi Arabia want to call their close relatives on a family Visit visa to Saudi Arabia. The procedure for applying family visit visa has already been explained in the earlier article . Here, we will explain the most known reasons for the rejection of Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia.

Top Reasons for Saudi Family Visit Visa

Reasons for Family Visit Visa Rejection

  1. Validity of Iqama :

    The validity of iqama is the main reason for rejection of family visit visa. At the time of applying for family visit visa , the applicant needs to have atleast three months of Iqama Validity, otherwise the family visit visa application will be rejected.

  2. Profession in Iqama :

    Iqama profession is the second major reason for family visit visa rejection . Only some Iqama professions are permitted for applying the family visit visa. If your Iqama profession is not among one of those professions, your application for family visit visa will not be accepted.

  3. Application not filled up correctly :

    One more major reason that is responsible for the rejection of family visit visa is an application which was not filled up correctly. The application must be filled up very carefully and following the instructions provided in the links. The language in which the application has to be filled is Arabic, while the names should be entered in English language. Majority of applications of Family Visit Visa are rejected because of the mistakes found in the application . So the mistakes should be avoided while filling the application.

  4. Season of Hajj :

    The Family Visit Visa should not be applied during the Hajj season. It is one more important reason for the rejection of the application of Family Visit Visa. Application for the Family Visit Visa for the loving ones can be applied before the commencement of the month of Ramadan. Hajj season here refers to the time period between 1st of Ramadan to the 1st of Safar Month.

  5. Applicant’s Relationship with the expatriate :

    The following relationships are mentioned on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for whom Family Visit Visa can be applied :

    • (a) Spouse
    • (b) Children
    • (c ) Parents
    • (d) Parents-in-law

So another crucial reason for the rejection of the Family Visit Visa are the people applying other than the mentioned relationships. So if you apply other than the stated relationships , your application is going to be rejected.

If it is heard by you, that anyone has called his brother or sister to Saudi Arabia, it is possible only in the case if an expatriate is working in Saudi Government. For example , the expatriate is working as a Doctor in the Ministry of Health under the Saudi Government .

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