Are you Blacklisted in Saudi? Checks to be done for Expats

Are you Blacklisted in Saudi, Checks to be done for

Because many people are worried and are in a fear whether they got blacklisted in the country of Saudi Arabia due to small violations of laws made by them, here we are, to discuss the issue and give you some relevant information and facts which can help you to know if you are blacklisted or not.

Are you Blacklisted in Saudi, Checks to be done for

Steps to Check If You’re Blacklisted in Saudi Arabia

How to check to check if your blacklisted on account of criminal activities in Saudi Arabia :

Criminal activities are one of the major cause where people could get banned or blacklisted in Saudi Arabia.

Here are a list of 8 activities helps you to know whether that you are banned , if you are involved in any of these :

  1. Unpaid loans , debts , unpaid credit card bills
  2. Robbery , theft or any other type of criminal activity
  3. If you are diagnosed with any contagious and infectious disease such as HIV, AIDS, HEPA, etc.
  4. If you have submitted any false documents , degrees or certificates
  5. Any kind of illegal acts like gambling and lotteries.
  6. If you are found involved in adultery, prostitution , or any immoral behavior.
  7. Found guilty in the activities of selling alcoholic beverages and liquor.
  8. If you have a fake driver’s license

It is very important for you to know that an expatriate  cannot enter the country of Saudi Arabia for life time if a case is registered against him and he left the country before prosecution. And he will be in great trouble if he again lands in any of the GCC countries and will be brought to Saudi Arabia for prosecution. If you go on the website link given by the Government and and provide your valid details , you would come to know whether a case is registered against you or not. This is indeed a very wise step taken by the Ministry of Justice of Saudi Arabia so that people are not fooled at the hands of others.

To Know whether you are blacklisted cause of Huroob in Saudi Arabia :

In case, your sponsor has concluded that you are not reporting to work and you are an absconder (Huroob) . If this is set against you , you will not be allowed to renew your Iqama which will land you in a very troublesome situation, the ban for Huroob is 3 years.

Check You Huroob Status Now!

Checking if you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia cause of your exit re-entry visa :

This is one of the most common causes for getting banned and blacklisted in Saudi Arabia . So many people are looking up to know if they are blacklisted in the country or not as they did not return back to Saudi Arabia within the validity of the exit re-entry visa. Recently, Saudi Arabian Government has imposed an automatic ban on employees who left  the country exit re-entry visa and did not return back within the validity period.

Get to know if you got blacklisted in Saudi Arabia cause of your Kafeel

Many people are having this apprehension that they may be banned in Saudi Arabia  if they had some disagreement with their sponsor (Kafeel ) at the time he issued a final exit to them. But you need not worry about it as the Ministry of Interior doesn’t give this authority to any sponsor or Kafeel to decide the fate of their employees.

Can you Online whether you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia ?

Well , Mostly the Saudi Government has not launched this service and opened accessed of this service to the public but there must be some way to check online if you are banned or not. But this option is not made public.

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