800 SR Monthly Assistance for Working Women

The Saudi Government now is encouraging the women to join the work force with their best capabilities.

According to the reports published by the Arab news, working women in private sector would be given a transport allowance of 800 SR to travel from their residence to the workplace.

800 SR Monthly Assistance for Working

As said by Saudi HADAF,(  Saudi Human Resourced  Develoment  Fund ), 80% of the transport allowance is contributed through a scheme called Wusul. Finances are contribute by Wusul to help travelling of working women in Saudi.

According to the new program , working women in the private sector companies are now given a safer mode of transport services of high quality in collaboration with private taxi companies holding license and have smart apps as well.

The working women can have maximum salary of 8000 SR monthly and should get registered with the social welfare system within 36 months for getting advantage of this scheme. The main aim for introducing this scheme is development of  Saudi women .

HADAF is extending the privileges of this scheme to other female employees also for supporting the employment of women in the companies under private sector.

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