Privileged Iqama Fee SR 100,000 for 1 Year & SR 800,000 for Lifetime

Privileged Iqama SR 100,000 for 1 Year & SR 800,000 for

Time has come for Expatriates who have been waiting for this opportunity in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the Saudi Government has given an opportunity to get special Privileged Iqama for skilled expats.

Privileged Iqama will provide expats with more no for residence benefits.

Privileged Iqama SR 100,000 for 1 Year & SR 800,000 for

Privileged Iqama Fee details are given below:

  • 1 year – Privileged Iqama Fee – SR 100,000 ($26,666)
  • Lifetime – Privileged Iqama Fee – SR 800,000 ($213,333)

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Privilege Iqama will provide an opportunity to all those expats who have ties with the Kingdom, irrespective of their nationality, to obtain a permanent or temporary residency that would provide them with many privileges and benefits as well as the chance to avail of several services for themselves and their families.

Especially qualified professional with rare specializations (i.e. Skilled Professional Expatriates) will be granted to get benefited from this.

A Special Privilege Iqama Center is being constituted as the sole competent body to regulate and manage everything related to the new iqama. The center will complete preparing the Executive Regulations of the law within 90 days, paving the way for issuance of the special iqama.

This law will also allow expatriates to avail certain privileges which are now only allowed to Saudi Citizens such as Owning real estate, Renting out Properties, etc.

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