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New Punishments & Fines for Traffic Violations in KSA

New Punishments for Traffic Violations in

Saudi Arabia has been very tough when it comes to Traffic Violations and now they have come up with more tougher punishments for traffic violations including imprisonment for causing death or injury through an accident.

Saudi Government wants strict rules and penalties to be levied due to no of roads accident increasing/ happening per day on Saudi Roads. According to a report 20 deaths are happening on roads due to accidents across the kingdom

New Punishments for Traffic Violations in

Here are the list of New Violations:

– SAR 100 – 150 for the following

  • Leaving the Vehicle with its Engine Running
  • No Insurance

– SAR 150 – 300 for the following

  • Not using indicator while changing the lanes
  • Taking a turn without using an indicator
  • Taking a reverse for more than 20 meters on main roads
  • Excessive usage of horn
  • Not wearing a Seat-belt

– SAR 300 – 500 for the following

  • Holding an Expired License
  • Not Focusing on drawing

– SAR 500 – 900 for the following

  • Not following Traffic Signals
  • Using Stickers on Vehicles
  • Using Tinted Windows beyond specified limits

– SAR 1000 – 2000 for the following

  • Driving vehicle without a number plate
  • Carrying more passengers in vehicle specified in the registration
  • Not Using lights in Night driving

– SAR 3000 – 6000 for the following

  • Overtaking school Buses
  • Driving on the wrong side

– SAR 5000 – 10000 for the following

  • Driving using another car’s number plate or erasing or concealing the number plate.

– SAR 100,000

  • If a driver causes an accident that results in a person being hospitalised for up to 15 days they will be imprisoned for at least two years and fined

– SAR 200,000

  • Causing an accident that results in death or impairment will be punished by a maximum of four years in jail along with the fine

So, we request everyone living in Saudi to be careful while driving.

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