Naqal Maloomat in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Naqal Maloomat in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia needs to renew their Passports or their dependents passport renewals after the passport gets expired. When renewinf any Expatriate Passport in Saudi Arabia you’ll need to register it in Jawazat Office in KSA, This registration in Jawazat is known as Naqal Maloomat.

Jawazat registers the renewal of passport information as Computer Records in the Jawazat System. Its important that your passport is registered in Jawazat Office, else it will be considered invalid by Saudi Arabia Authorities.

Naqal Maloomat in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Your Company Humar Resource Department (HR) must be taking care of Naqal Maloomat, else you will have to follow the below steps for Naqal Maloomat

Process for Naqal Maloomat in Saudi Arabia (KSA):

  • Visit Jawazat Office
  • Ask for the Jawazat Form and Fill in the Jawazat Form, you can also take help of typists near the Office
  • Ask where the Naqal Maloomat Counter is and reach the Counter for Naqal Maloomat
  • After reaching the Counter, Submit your Old & New Passport, Iqama along with the form

If all the documents are fine and everything goes well, then it means your Naqal Maloomat is done.

Requirements for Naqal Maloomat Passport:

  • Jawazat Form
  • Copy & Original of Old Passport
  • Copy & Original of New Passport
  • Iqama Copy & original

Note: This is done FREE OF COST if its done through the HR department of your Company, Else any Mandoop may charge 50 SAR for getting it done for you.

You can also check if the information is correctly updated or not online on Absher MOI Account.

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