Saudi Labor Laws and Violations of Expats in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Labor Laws and Violations of Expats in Saudi

Labour Laws and violations of expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Employer and employee relations in Saudi Arabia are regulated by the labor laws which look after the interest of both the parties.

The Government of Saudi Arabia provides equal opportunities to its citizen as well expats to develop the country. This maintains a healthy and sustainable work system; the government employs labour laws to make sure workers from private companies are given their rights, as per the Islamic Shariah.  This article is directed to give expatriates a better understanding of the labour laws in the country.

Saudi Labor Laws and Violations of Expats in Saudi

It always makes sense to read about the country before landing on its soil to better equip yourself with the information you will need to easily navigate around the country mainly with respect to the laws.

Primarily, the labour law in Saudi Arabia makes sure that both Saudi and non-Saudi workers are given fair and equal treatment without and discriminations towards their religion.

Labour law clearly asks the expats to follow the below points to have a memorable stay in the country:

  • Expatriates should completely understand the contract with their employees before concluding it.
  • Contact agreement should be abided by both parties
  • Punctuality on the job should be maintained
  • Expats can change their job if they have met and fulfilled the official procedures.
  • The organization/firm/company/government body should pay the wages in accordance to the contract.
  • In case of any misunderstanding with the colleague or hindrance faced in the work area and fail to settle.
  • The legal visa procedures should be carefully handled or will be punishable under the law.
  • An Employee’s medical expenses should be barred by the company according to the work organization regulation approved by the ministry of labour law
  • The Employees should be provided with absolute social insurance based on the Occupational Hazards Branch which is a social law.
  • For Employees who have completed 5 years of service, the annual leave is increased from 15 to 21 days and 30 days.
  • The Employee shall be honored with an end of service award and his last wage shall be calculated.

In this aspect, the ministry has been called upon to pay wages on time and grant them regular leaves. It is not only the fault of the employers to exploit but also of the working class that they get exploited by not knowing their rights under Saudi Labor Law.

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