MHRSD: Delay in Salary will violate Saudi Labor Law

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) said again that companies that don’t pay their workers on time are breaking the Saudi Labor Law. 

The Ministry of Saudi Arabia have asked Saudi citizens and foreigners who live in Saudi Arabia to use the unified application to report any violations of the Saudi Labor Law.

MHRSD: Delay in Salary will violate Saudi Labor Law

MHRSD: Delay in Salary will violate Saudi Labor Law

In response to a question from a citizen, the HR Ministry explained that delaying monthly salaries could take until the 10th of the month. This made the citizen wonder about the inspection campaigns of such businesses. See also: A worker can file a complaint if the salary doesn’t match what was agreed upon in the job contract.

  • Earlier, the Ministry said that every company should do an evaluation of itself in January of each year. The ministry talked about how important self-evaluation is because it helps companies figure out if they are following the rules and regulations and how to fix their own mistakes.
  • Self-evaluation is also a requirement for using electronic services from the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • The MHRSD asked all giant, large, and medium-sized companies to sign up for the self-evaluation programme and do the evaluation online through the Ministry website. To change a work contract in Qiwa, both the employer and the worker must agree to the change.
  • The Ministry also made it clear that if a company’s self-evaluation results weren’t good, they wouldn’t have to pay any money because of it.

Delays in Salary in any Company means Violation of Saudi Labor Law

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