List of Public Holidays 2023 in Saudi Arabia

Public holidays in Saudi Arabia are determined by the government and are based on Islamic religious events and national celebrations.

Saudi Holidays Public 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has a total of 23 public holidays in 2023. Most of these holidays are religious in nature and are based on the Islamic calendar (Lunar Calendar). The public holidays for 2023 begin with Founding Day on February 22.

Saudi Arabia Public Holidays 2023

Eid al-Fitr is one of the most important holidays in Saudi Arabia, and Eid al-Adha is another major holiday. Please find below the list of Saudi Arabia’s Holidays for 2023

Other holidays include:

The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday
Saudi National Day
The Islamic New Year
The ascension of Prophet Muhammad
Additionally, there are several non-religious holidays such as Labor Day and National Day, which are celebrated throughout the country.

Government offices, banks, and most businesses are closed on public holidays, but some private businesses may remain open.

DateWeekdayPublic HolidayObservance
Feb 22WednesdaySaudi Founding DayGovt/Private
April 16SundayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 17MondayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 18TuesdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 19WednesdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 20ThursdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 21FridayEid-al-Fitr Holiday (End of Ramadan)Govt/Private
April 22SaturdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovt/Private
April 23SundayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovt/Private
April 24MondayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovt/Private
April 25TuesdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
April 26WednesdayEid-al-Fitr HolidayGovernment
June 23ThursdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
June 24FridayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
June 25SaturdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
June 26SundayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
June 27TuesdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovt/Private
June 28WednesdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovt/Private
June 29ThursdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovt/Private
June 30FridayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovt/Private
July 1SaturdayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
July 2SundayEid-al-Adha HolidayGovernment
Sep 23SaturdaySaudi National Day (Al-Yaom Al-Watany)Govt/Private

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