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List of New Features Added in Absher 2018

List of New Features Added in Absher

Director General of Passports launched Tuesday a number of e-passport services with the aim of providing extensive e-services to citizens and expatriates on ”the Absher,” the Ministry of Interior’s portal for e-services.

List of New Features Added in Absher

Absher New Features 2018

Naqal Maloomat through Absher

The new feature includes the transfer of information to enable an employer to update the latest data in his expatriate employee’s passport (Naqal Maloomath), and an expatriate to update the data in the passports of his dependents after renewing their passports from their embassies in the Kingdom, Al-Yahya said.

Naqal Kafala / Sponsorship Transfer through Absher

Another newly-launched e-service is the formal transfer of an expatriate’s services to another employer without visiting a passport office, Okaz reported on Wednesday.

Detailed list of employees working under a sponsor

The e-services available on the Absher also include the ”print” service which allows the beneficiary to view all the data of the employees working under an employer, exactly like a printed document, and it could be forwarded to any department or establishment that demands such information.

New Authorization Service

Al-Yahya added that the employer with an Absher account can make use of the Comprehensive Authorization service which enables him to authorize any person to perform any service for his subordinates or the expatriate workers under him. The Absher also offers a business intelligence platform, which displays all the establishments run by an employer including the names and other details of all the workers in each establishment separately.

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