King Salman says ‘Law is above All’

King Salman says 'Law is above All'

King Salman says 'Law is above All'

King of Saudi Arabia said that No royal king or prince is above the law. Saudi Arabia is a county where law is only applicable to every citizen as well as the royal family too. No one form the Royal family can escape form the law too.

Lawsuit can be filed by any citizen in the kingdom on any one irrespective of his post. May he be the King, Prince or any common man.

This statement was given King Salman just after the execution of Prince Turki Bin Saud Bin Turki Bin Saud Al-Kabir in Riyadh who shot one of the citizen in a quarrel.

In the investigation, he was found guilty and the Court sentenced him to death, which nwas carried out last week.

This proves that No Royal family member, be it a king / prince is above Law.

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