Hundreds of Telecom Shops close due to Saudization

Hundreds of Telecom Shops closes due to Saudization

800 telecommunication establishments have closed down, unable to meet the Saudization requirement. According to sources 41 violations of the Saudization were recorded by the  Labor and Social Development Office.Mohammad Al-Laghbi who heads Jazan Labor and Social Development Office Telecommunication Saudization Committee said the committee ran more than 70 inspection visits over the past one month.

Hundreds of Telecom Shops closes due to Saudization

Hundreds of Telecom Shops closes due to Saudization

Sources said  1,982 establishments have adhered to the Saudization decision.The office visited 4,953 establishments in all. Only 2,023 of the visited establishments were running and 1,739 Saudis were employed in them.the inspection visits covered Dammam, Al-Khobar, Jubail, Abqaiq, Qatif, Al-Ahsa, Ras Tanourah and Hafr Al-Batin.

Mohammad Al-Laghbi said more than 50 violations were recorded by the committee and illegal expats were handed over to pertinent authorities and there are more than 83 jobs available for Saudis in the telecommunication sector in Jazan.

Mohammad Al-Sihaim said this opens a lot of job opportunities for Saudis because of Saudization of telecommunication sector.However this caused shortage of repair services as there are less number of well trained Saudis who offer repair services. Most of the telecommunication establishments are now in agreement with the expat technicians who are  providing services, working from home.

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