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Saudi Jawazat Online

If you’re hearing Jawazat for the first time, then you should know from the people or Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia regarding ‘What is Jawazat?‘.

I believe that many people still didn’t know what Saudi Jawazat is and its importance. We at will give you all the details you need to know about Jawazat and why it is important if you’re living in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Jawazat Online

Jawazat in Saudi Arabia is alsk known as General Directorate of Passports (GDP). It the department responsible or accountable for issuing Iqama.

So, if you’re new to Saudi Arabia or planning to go to Saudi Arabia and don’t know what is Iqama? You can get the information on Iqama here.

Coming back to Jawazat which issues Iqama for new residents (Expatriates), Iqama renewals and passports for permanent Visa and Exit and Re-entry Visa services are done here.

Jawazat is an Agnecy under Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia (MOI) which provides the mentioned services. You can visit the Jawazat Official website for more details or online Jawazat Services.

To be precise Saudi Jawazat Offers the following Services:

– Issue of Iqama
– Renewal of Iqama
– Exit Visa
– Exit Re-Entry Visa

All the above Jawazat services can be done online too through Abshir services. You can get more information by visiting this page for Jawazat Office Address available in Saudi Arabia

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