Heavy fines for illegal immigrants ,Human Traffickers in Saudi Arabia

SR.1 million penalty entering into Kingdom Illegally

Illegal entry /smuggling may get SR 1 million fine

 Authorities continue to crack down on illegal immigrants, and smugglers can face heavy fines and jail time if they cross the kingdom.
The penalties involved in encouraging smugglers or illegal immigrants to enter the Kingdom or to illegally immigrate, to provide shelter, or to provide any form of assistance are 5 to10 years in prison, a fine of 1 million SR ($266,000), and vehicle or border seizure.
Security Force spokesman Colonel Misfeel bin Gannam Alkiraini told the Al-A-Rail-Ekbariya news channel that smugglers and those who supported them were also arrested in Saudi Arabia for these serious crimes. The campaign, launched at the end of 2017, recorded more than 500,000 border violations.
Saudi Justice Minister Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah al-Mujib said in March that smuggling is a type of organized crime run by the network and can have serious consequences for safety, health, economy and society. society. Quick reality Those who facilitate the illegal entry or movement of smugglers or illegal immigrants, provide shelter or provide some form of assistance are jailed for 510 years and fined up to SR 1 million ($ 266,000) for the vehicles. Or property.
For transport or storage purposes. According to official reports, 5,615,884 were 5,615,884, including 4,304,206 residency violations, 802,125 labor violations and 509,553 border violations. According to reports, 116,908 people were arrested as they tried to cross the border into the kingdom. 43% are Yemen, 54% are Ethiopia and 3% are other nationalities.
In addition, 9,508 people were arrested on charges of crossing borders and invading neighboring countries, and 8,222 people were arrested in connection with the transport and detention of criminals. About 2,766 Saudis were arrested on charges of detaining local criminals, five of whom were held until the end of the proceedings. The total number of criminals charged is 53,916, of which 49,954 are men and 3,962 are women.

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