Expats can just use Digital Iqama instead of physical copy

Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) said that expatriates no longer need to carry their physical iqama (residence permit) or a copy of it, since they can now show or use their digital iqama. Digital Iqama can be now used by Expats in Saudi Arabia instead of Carrying Original Iqama or Iqama Copy. Digital Iqama for Expats in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Saudi Jawazat made it clear that if the iqama of an expat worker, their family members, or foreign workers is renewed, the person can use, show, or carry the digital iqama on their smartphone. They don’t have to carry a hard copy or go to the Jawazat office to get a copy of their renewed iqama.

The Muqeem ID Card (Iqama) is good for five years from the date it was issued, but it must be renewed every year online through the employer’s Absher platform.

Digital Iqama for Expats

The Passports Office also said that if an iqama is not renewed three days after its expiration date, fines will be given. If you don’t renew your iqama on time, you have to pay a fine of 500 riyals the first time and 1,000 riyals the second time.

Expats can just use Digital Iqama instead of physical copy

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia’s Passports Office made it possible for employers to give out iqamas linked to work permits and renew them for at least 3 months. After paying the necessary fees to finish the renewal process, this is also true for the dependents of expatriates.

Housekeepers can’t get the benefit of splitting the iqama fee. Work permits, iqama, employee levy, dependent fee, and other fees needed to get an iqama can be paid for in two or more parts.

Saudi Jawazat has already confirmed that domestic workers’ Muqeem IDs can be renewed 14 months before their iqama expires. However, commercial workers’ resident IDs can only be renewed if they have less than 6 months left on them, and they must have a valid work permit and health insurance.

The move to digital Iqama has a lot of benefits for Expats & Saudi Arabians who live and work abroad. The most important benefit is that it is easier to use. With a digital Iqama, users no longer need to carry a physical copy with them at all times, which makes it less likely that the document will be lost or damaged. Also, the digital Iqama is easy to access and view, so users can get to their information right away.

One more benefit of digital Iqama for Expats in Saudi is that it makes security better. The electronic version of the Iqama is protected by a secure system, which makes it less likely that someone will try to cheat or change it. Also, the digital Iqama is automatically updated whenever the user’s information changes. This makes sure that the user’s information is always correct and up to date.

How to Use Your Digital IQAMA

Using your digital IQAMA is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open the Absher app: To use your digital IQAMA, you will need to open the Absher app on your smartphone.
  • Show Your IQAMA: When you are asked to present your IQAMA, simply open the Absher app and show the digital IQAMA to the authorities.

How to Get Digital Iqama

Getting your digital IQAMA is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download the Absher app: The first step to getting your digital IQAMA is to download the Absher app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Register an Account: Once you have downloaded the Absher app, you will need to register an account by providing your personal information and IQAMA number.
  • Link Your IQAMA: After registering an account, you will need to link your IQAMA to your account. To do this, you will need to enter your IQAMA number and scan the QR code on the physical copy of your IQAMA.

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