Expatriate Dependent Fees being Reviewed

Saudi Arabia is undergoing a study regarding Dependent Fees on Expat workers in the kingdom. Minister of Commerce and Investment Majid Al-Qassabi said they have completed a study to review expat fees and soon it will be present to the council of Ministers.

The Results of the study on Expat Levy will be released within 30 days along with the advantages and challenges of the issue.

Expatriate Dependent Fees being Reviewed

Saudi Government has already decided to keep the Expat Fees fixed till now and at the same time studying about it development for it t be reviewed.

The study is being done because it will benefit the country and if there’s a specific sector or industry that would benefit from a change and it would help meet broader goals, such as promoting the balance of payments or creating jobs for Saudis.

In January, the Kingdom introduced a monthly fee of SR400 on companies for each foreign worker they hire. Firms that employ an equal or greater number of Saudis than expats pay SR300. The monthly fee will increase to SR500-600 per worker per month in 2019 and then SR700-800 per worker per month in 2020.

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