Entry Ban to Makkah for Expatriates comes into force (Hajj 2022)

Move is in line with guidelines aimed at regulating Haj pilgrimage

The ban on entry into Makkah for expatriates who do not have permits was in effect on Thursday.
Brig. Gen. Sami Al-Shuwairekh, the spokesperson of Public Security, said that this was in line with the execution of the guidelines pertaining to the regulation of the Hajj pilgrimage this year.

“As as per these guidelines only expatriates who have the permit needed to enter Makkah are allowed to enter the holy city starting on Wednesday, Shawwal 25, which is May 26. They can get permits at the security control centers located at the entry points into Makkah,” he said.

Expats ban to Enter Makkah during Hajj

Entry Ban to Makkah for Expatriates comes into force (Hajj 2022)

Residents and vehicles that don’t have the necessary documents will be rerouted the official said. He also noted that these documents comprise the entry permit required to work in the holy places issued by the authority in charge and a residency permissive (iqama) issued by Makkah, Umrah permit, and Hajj permit.

The ban, which is enforced annually at entry points into the holy city of Jerusalem, applies to all means of transportation such as buses, cars, and trucks. However those who are not subject to the ban have to get travel permits from the appropriate authorities.

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