800,000 Umrah Permits during Ramadan outside KSA

Umrah Pilgrims allowed only from specific

All GCC citizens can now get a Saudi tourist visa. This action is part of the Kingdom’s attempts to increase tourism and attract more tourists.

Tourist visas for Saudi Arabia are now easier to get than ever before. Residents of the GCC can apply for a tourist visa online, and the application process is quick and uncomplicated. The visa application may be submitted in a matter of minutes, and the approval procedure is swift.

Umrah Pilgrims allowed only from specific

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reported that more than 800,000 individuals have reserved Umrah visas for the forthcoming month of Ramadan. This is excellent news for Muslims wishing to conduct the trip during one of the holiest months of the Islamic calendar.

Saudi Arabia has several attractions for travellers. The Kingdom is rich in culture, history, and natural beauty, from ancient towns to modern skyscrapers and the desert to the sea. Tourists may explore breathtaking scenery, sample delectable local food, and learn about the nation’s illustrious history.

The city of Makkah is one of the most famous tourist sites in Saudi Arabia. Each year, millions of Muslims from throughout the world undertake Hajj or Umrah in Makkah.

The Makkah Museum, the Zamzam Tower, and the Abraj Al Bait Clock Tower are just a few of the historical and cultural landmarks that can be found in the holy city of Makkah.

Another place in Saudi Arabia that you absolutely must miss is the city of Madinah. After Makkah, this city is considered to be the second holiest in all of Islam since it is the last resting place of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In addition to learning about the life and teachings of the Prophet, tourists may also visit the various historical structures located across the region. The mosques in the city are quite magnificent.

The Kingdom also has a lot to offer to people who are looking for an exciting time. Hiking in the mountains and going scuba diving in the Red Sea are just two examples of the many opportunities for outdoor recreation that are available in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the country is home to a number of amusement parks and entertainment centres, one of which is the recently established Qiddiya, which is currently in the process of developing into the largest entertainment city in the world.

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