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More than 2,60,000 Illegal Expatriates arrested till Date

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As per the National Campaign against illegal immigrants & Labor Law violators in Saudi Arabia which was started from mid of November 2017 to arrest the illegal expatriates who are violating residence laws, labor and order security laws in Saudi Arabia have resulted arresting 2,60,000 + foreign workers.

More than 2,60,000 Illegal Expatriates arrested till

Here is the breakdown of Expatriates who are arrested and their violations

Total of 264,245 Violators

54% of IQAMA violators

33% of Labor Law violators

13% of illegal border crossing immigrants

Most of the illegal expatriates who were arrested were from the below regions:

73% – Yemeni Expatriates
25% – Ethipian Expatriates
2% – Other countires Expatriates

Among these, 56,899 expatriates were deported to countires of origin and 92 Saudi citixens were also involved in coverups and smuggling.

The number of expatriates currently detained stands at 14,699, including 12,782 men and 1,917 women.

Immediate penalties were imposed on 39,422 expatriates while 37,506 violators were referred to their respective diplomatic missions for travel documents and 56,899 were deported.

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