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Saudi Green Card for Expatriates and KSA Vision 2030

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Green Card in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, yes you’ve heard it right. Saudi Government will be giving Green Cards to Foreign workers (Expatriates) who are highly qualified and for those who invest in Saudi Arabia.

United States of America has the same system of proving Green Cards to foreigners living in USA. Saaudi Green Card helps the Expatriates to get permanent residence status in KSA and Saudi Economy will also increase as Expatriates those who invest in Saudi will be eligible for Green Card in Saudi.

Benefits of  Saudi Green Card for Expatriates and KSA Vision 2030

You might be asking several questions to yourself that why you might need a Green Card in Saudi Arabia? Why Do you Need Green Card in KSA? What are Benefits of having a Green Card in Saudi.

Here are the Benefits of Saudi Green Card:

  • Green Card Holders in Saudi will be able to change their Jobs easily
  • Processing of VISAs for Self and Family Exit Re-Entry VISa without Sponsors (Kafeel)
  • Green Card Holders will get a Permanent Residence¬† Status in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will be eligible to buy a House or property (real-Estate in Saudi Arabia) on their names.
  • Expatriates can run their own Business without any interference of Saudi Sponsors (Kafeel) and can act as Self Sponsors.
  • Getting a Green Card is a first Step to toward getting a Saudi Nationality
  • Saudi Green Card Holders will not come under the Kafala System and Iqama residence permit.
  • Saudi Green Card will be charge a fee of 14,200 SAR every year.
  • Get VISAs quickly and in Short time, if you;re a Green Card Holder in KSA
  • Monthly Pension after retirement for Expatriates
  • Saudi Government & Hospital Services free for Green Card Holders same as Saudi Nationals.
  • Saudi Arabia Green Card HOlders will also get additional two VISAs to employ workers for domestic purpose
  • Green Card Holders in Saudi can have 3 Vehicles ( 7 Seater & 4 Seater) on their Own name
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  1. Zi Zheng Huang

    April 17, 2017 at 2:50 am

    Questions I like to pose.

    When will this be implemented? Does the writer have clear information on this date?
    At 14,200 per annum is a trite on the high side, is it not?

    Able to purchase real estate?
    Does this include land for redevelopment? Or just ready to use housing?

    If so, it might be worth considering.

    Monthly Pension – how does this work out? Are there details on this? e.g. if it is a good monthly payout, it might be worth it too.

    Thank you for your comments and responses.


    • Yawer

      July 29, 2017 at 7:03 am

      one more question.
      Green card holder can keep his family in kingdom or he has to obtain green card for his family member each.