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No Iqama Renewals for these Expatriates Professions

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Saudi Government have suspended work permits and No Iqama Renewals will be done for the Expatriates working in below professions in Saudi Arabia. This will be applied to both Public & Priavte sector companies as per the MOL.

No Iqama Renewals for these Expatriates

Ministry of Labor & Social Development has started suspending Iqama renewals for Jobs which are reserved only for Saudi Nationals.

Here is the List of Professionals

– HR Manager (Human Resource Manager)
– Personnal Department Heads
– Labor & workers Head
– Clerks in Personnel Affairs
– Clerks in Hotels
– Clerks in Hospitals
– Government Officials
– Treasury Departmnet Heads
– Key Repair Staff
– Higher officials in Company
– Logistics Supervisor
– Office Manager
– Secretary
– Senior Accountant
– Warehouse Manager

Below list of Jobs will also be replaced soon

– Shopping Mall Jobs
– Tourism Heads
– Retail Jobs

However, there will be a timeframe given by the Minitry to replace all the above Jobs & Roles. This is just a heads up for all the Expatriates.

To Adress this issue, please be in touch with your Humar Resource Managers for any update on this to avoif any future issues and also share this information with your Friends & Family

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