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What is MOFA in Saudi Arabia, Everything about MOFA

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People Living in Saudi Arabia especially Expatriates must know all the important things in Saudi Arabia. MOFA is Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is used for Saudi VISA purpose, It is a Unique Visa number provided by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

What is MOFA in Saudi Arabia, Everything about MOFA-SaudiExpatriate.com



MOFA number is an application number which is generated online from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, once Saudi VISA application is processed along with VISA, Medical payments are done.

MOFA number is a mandatory number for sending the passport to get a Saudi VISA.

How can you get a VISA to Saudi Arabia?

To get a visa to enter Saudi Arabia should be through the diplomatic missions abroad or the entry points according to instructions or through MOFA’s website under the “consular services” located at the home page, where there is an electronic application to be filled and submitted.

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