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Advance Payment of Salaries in Ramadan by 18th June – King Salman

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Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, The king of Saudi Arabia has ordered each and every company in Saudi Arabia to pay the Salaries of this month to every worker by the June 18th 2017, which is 23rd of Ramadan according to the Islamic Calender.

By the order of the king, Salaries need to be paid in Advance in Ramadan for the workers to meet the need of the citizens for Eid-ul-Fitr.

King Salman orders Advance payment of Salaries in Ramadan by 18th

Conidering Ramadan as the Holy month, King Salman gives this good news in the month of Ramadan. Ministry fo Finance Saudi Arabia has already informed the concerned authorities and Banks to deposit the salaries into employee Bank accounts by June 18 2017.

This is very generous steps from the King towards people living in Saudi Arabia to assist them in their Eid-Al-Fitr purchases.

Normal salary was scheduled on Shawwal 2, 1438H, but as per the order Advance Salary will be paif on Ramzan 23, 1438H. Citizens of Saudi Arabia hails the directive of the King and describes it as an early gift.

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