SR 500 Fine Imposed For Distributing of Brochures at Public Places

SR 500 Fine Imposed For Distributing of Brochures at Public Places

In what can sometimes be described as a nuisance to common folk when being bombarded with pamphlets and brochures at public places, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has decided to impose a fine of SR 500 for the distribution of such promotional material.

This is a welcome enforcement considering the relief it would provide from petty distributors dotting prominent public places in the kingdom trying to dispense promotional material. This is not all, the fine will also be imposed on those dropping off promotional material at doorsteps.

SR 500 Fine Imposed For Distributing of Brochures at Public Places

While until now, only the distributors who were looking to make a quick buck were packed off, the new imposition of fine along with other penalties will encompass companies, establishments, and shops alike.

Carrying forward this fight against such unwanted promotions, sticking bills in public places will also attract this fine of SR 500. A blanket ban on these kinds of promotion will not only provide respite for common people who look to stay away from unwanted promotions but will also ensure beautification of public places as more often than not, public places could be littered by disposing and structures tarnished by constant pasting and tearing. This was the intention of the Ministry which looked to maintain public hygiene while also checking environmental pollution.

By taking action against the source of these promotions, it targets the real violators while deterring others from conducting the same. The penalties will be rolled out to the residence permits or Saudi IDs of the violators whose names are mentioned in the marketing brochures. This is one thing that ordinary people will surely get behind and proactively report as it is obnoxious to open your doorstep to find a piece of paper lying around or strewn across the lawn or bills stuck on walls serving as an eyesore.

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