Why was Qatar left alone by Other Gulf Countries?

Why was Qatar left alone by Other Gulf

The Recent news regarding Qatar diplomatic Crisis when it was known that it allied with Iran. GCC Countries Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Libya and Mauritius has cut-Off ties with Qatar due to a news which said that Qatar is supporting terrorism and have strong ties with Iran.

According to a News Agency in Saudi, Qatar was helping the extremist groups and was supporting and harboring were the Muslim Brotherhood, Daesh and Al-Qaeda, by means incitement through its media channels.

Why was Qatar left alone by Other Gulf

It also said that Qatar has also supported the activities of the Iranian backed terrorist groups in Qatif province in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the neighbor Kingdom of Bahrain.

United Arab Emirates

UAE as always has a stand along with Saudi’s decision towards Qatar and is concerned about the security of Gulf Countries in which Qatar has manipulated and shirked responsibilities and agreements made with other Gulf states.

Qatar citiznes in UAE have to leave UAE within 14 days and are also banned by even passing through UAE.


Bahrain also decided to stand with UAE & Saudi Arabia as Qatar has also spread chaos and violated all agreements and principles of international laws and Values.


Egypt has also given its Qatari ambassador to leave Egypt within 48 hours to return to Qatar due to its support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Cairo has designated a terrorist group.


Qatar’s practices of dealing with the (Houthi) coup militias and supporting extremist groups became clear,” the government said in a statement.


Libya’s eastern-based government has followed regional allies in cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar, its foreign minister, Mohamed Dayri, said on Monday.


Maldives took the decision because of its firm opposition to activities that encourage terrorism and extremism


The Mauritian government is fully committed to supporting the actions of Saudi Arabia and other countries in their efforts to eradicate threats against international peace and security

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