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Iqama (Muqeem)

Get Iqama for New Expatriates arrived in Saudi Arabia

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Most of the times it happens with Expats that they will not get their Iqama from Kafeel or Sponsor after arriving in Saudi Arabia, which will get you in most difficult situation you’ve ever faced. As Iqama is very important document which needs to be with you always you go outside in Saudi.

Kafeel or Employer must provide Iqama upon arrival in Saudi.

Get Iqama for New Expatriates arrived in Saudi

Here is the proecedure for New Expatriates for Getting Iqama or Muqeem Card:

1) You need to undergo medical test before you apply for Iqama or Muqeem card. Expatriate must visit specified
hospital or medical health care centers only for medical tests.

2) Take Passport Size photographs & Passport copy to the medical center.

3) Payment needs to done at the medical center (sometimes employer pays it if its written in your contract or
you’ll have to pay for it.

4) Medical test will be taken

4) Visit the medical Test center to get your reports or check them directly on the offficial website of Ministry of
Interior (MOI) if its got approved or not.

5) You can inform the HR or Employer now and submit your Original passpor and photos and get the temporary paper
from Chamber of Commerce that your Iqama is under process.

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Please take this document, before submitting your original passport.

6) Once your receive your Iqama, check your Name & profession if its mentioned correctly on Iqama or not.

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