SR 10,000 Fine for Public Gathering Violations

Fine for Violation 5 or More in KSA

SR 10,000 Fine for Public Gathering

The Public Prosecution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has warned that if there is any violation in the protocols of social gathering, the fine imposed will be up to SAR 100,000 in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The violations include crowding of five or more people in a specific place.

According to the ministry, the maximum penalty for attending such gatherings is SR5000 while the penalty for inviting to attend the gathering is SR10,000.

SR 10,000 Fine for Public Gathering

Fine on Public Gathering Violations in COVID

What is the rule?

The law for the protocols to curb the spread of coronavirus is that the gathering of 5 or more people inside homes or buildings under construction, rest houses, farms, and similar facilities other than their accommodation is not allowed.

How much fine?

If the social gathering is of more than 5 people then the following penalties and fines are imposed for:

  • SAR 100,000 fine on companies
  • SAR 10,000 fine on Individuals
  • Deportation of expats involved

Who will be fined?

The following 4 groups will be imposed the fine for the violation of the protocols of the coronavirus:

  • Individuals who made invitations for the gathering.
  • People who had a role in arranging the illegal gathering.
  • The person who owns the place where the gathering was held.
  • All the guests who gathered at the event.

How to report?

The ministry urged the public to report about any illegal gathering by making a call to the toll-free number 999 in all regions of the Kingdom and in the Makkah region 991.

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