Saudi allows Foreign Pilgrims for Umrah from Sunday

Saudi allows Foreign Pilgrims for Umrah from

Third Phase of Umrah service will start effective Nov 1st 2020 (Rabi Al-Awwal 15) in which all the Foreign pilgrims who are not currently living in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah (Visiting Holy Places Makkah & Madina).

Pilgrims between 18 to 50 years of age will be allowed to perform Umrah starting 1st of November 2020.

All Umrah pilgrims who are visiting Saudi Arabia in this COVID-19 period will have to remain quarantine once they and in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi allows Foreign Pilgrims for Umrah from

Ministry of Hajj & Umrah in Saudi Arabia have given stern precautionary measures and protocols to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and according to the rules any pilgrims who is coming to Saudi Arabia from other countries must have a PCR medical test certificate stating that he is free from Coronavirus.

The PCR Certificate must be issued from a reliable and well known laboratory in their country, not more than 3 days of time taking the sample until the time of departure to Saudi Arabia.

All Pilgrims must have reservations for performing Umrah along with their visit for Holy Mosques (Makkah & Madina) through the Eatmarna app along with return ticket confirmation according to the approved program.

Pilgrims must also reserve proper accommodation which will include 3 meals a day and 3-day medical isolation during quarantine.

Umrah company should verify all the details of pilgrims along with their date of birth in the Umrah system before the arrival date along with Air tickets information.

Ticket Number, Departure details, Flight Number, Flight Take Off time, City of Arrival & Departure Date and time with departure flight details with Makkah & Madina accommodation details.

Both the Umrah Agent & Saudi Umrah company will be responsible to the integrity of the data.

Umrah Agent will have to assign a group leader for every 50 pilgrims. Umrah Agent must provide a uniform reservation program for the pilgrims with all services, including aviation, housing and transportation coinciding with the date of reservation for performing Umrah and visiting the Holy Mosques in line with the Eatmarna app system for foreign pilgrims.

The ministry is also giving accreditation to qualified service providers such as hotels and transport companies in accordance with the controls of this exceptional phase and the precautionary requirements and health protocols.

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