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Rights of Expatriate Employees under Saudi Labor Law

Rights & duties of Expat Employees per Saudi Labor

(MOL) Ministry of Labor & Social Development in Saudi Arabia have come up with an introductory video explaining Right of Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. Rights & Duties of Expats is explained in 9 Languages and are screened on Saudi Arabian Airlines too.

Most of the Expatriates who are living in Saudi don’t even know their rights under Saudi Labor Laws and unnecessary get into problems. I request all my Expatriate brothers to go through the Expat Rights & Duties and know better.

Rights & duties of Expat Employees per Saudi Labor

Iqama Right:

Right to have Iqama (Residence Permit) as per Article 40.1 in Saudi Labor Law. Its your right to ask Iqama from your Employer. Employer must bear all the Iqama expenses and also if you don’t get Iqama within 3 months you can transfer your Sponsorship or search for another Job.

Right to Keep Passport:

Most of the Kafeel’s take Passports when you are under their sponsorship. However, this act of holding passports by Kafeel is Illegal, which only few of us know.

Probation Period:

Probation Period is only for 3 months in Saudi as per Saudi Labor Law. Any employer asks you to extend probation period after 3 months is against the law

Contract Right:

Its important to ask for Employer for Contract after probation Period. You can ask your employer for Contract to be in English as most of them will be in Arabic languages

Recruitment Expenses:

All Recruitment expenses such as Iqama, Work License, renewals, Job Title changes, Exit Re-Entry VISA fees, etc must be bared by the Employer himself.

All the above are liability of the employer.

Working Hours & Overtime:

Working Hours as per Saudi Labor Law is a maximum of 48 hours per week If your employer ask you to stretch of work overtime, then you’re entitles to get 1.5 times more your normal pay.

Vacations & Annual Leave:

First 30 Days are fully paid, Next 60 days are 3/4 of the total Salary and next 30 days will be unpaid

21 days of Annual paid leave and 30 days only for expats who have completed more than 5 year in that companyx

Sick Leave:

If sickness is proven, 4 months sick leave from employer.

Relative Death: 5 days of Leave is allowed if any relative is death as per Saudi Labor Law

Woen workers are entitles for 15 days leave and 130 days leave incase of her husbands death

Hajj Holidays:

10 days of paid Vacation + 4 day of Eid ul Adha

Marriage Leave:

5 days of Leave (Very less days here 🙁 )

Maternity Leaves:

10 weeks of Vacation

Paternal Leave:

3 days leave for male worker

Eid Holidays:

4 days each for Eid Ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha

National Day:

23rd September – 1 Day

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