No Expat Dependent Fee for Privileged Iqama holders

No Dependent Fees for Priviliged Iqama

With the Latest News on Expat Dependent Fees in Saudi Arabia and the recent announcement of Privileged Iqama have a directly impact on Dependent Fees.

Privileged iqama (residence permit) holders will not have to pay dependent fee, according to the approval granted by the Council of Ministers.

Privileged iqama holders can keep with them as dependents their wives, daughters and sons who are less than 21 years of age.

The privileged iqama (residence permit) scheme, which was approved by the Council of Ministers last Tuesday, came into effect on Sunday.

No Dependent Fees for Priviliged Iqama

The scheme comprises 14 articles specifying the rights, duties and privileges of privileged iqama holders.


1. Can stay in the Kingdom with his family.

2. Can obtain visit visas for his relatives.

3. Can recruit domestic workers.

4. Can own real estate units for residential, commercial and industrial purposes in all Saudi cities and towns except the holy cities of Makkah, Madinah and border areas.

5. However, they can invest in real estate units in Makkah and Madinah for periods of up to 99 years.

6. Can work in any private establishment and freely switch jobs except in professions restricted to Saudis.

7. Can exit and enter the Kingdom freely.

8. Can use special passport desks designated for Saudi citizens at airports.

9. Can practice commercial activities in line with the regulations for foreign investments.

Types of iqamas

1. Permanent

2. One-year renewable

Conditions to get privileged iqama

1. Present a valid passport

2. Must be at least 21 year old

3. Present documents proving enough financial resources

4. Present a police clearance certificate

5. Present health certificate issued less than 6 months ago

6. If the applicant is a resident of the Kingdom, then his iqama should be valid

7. Within 30 days of getting an approval, the applicant must pay the fees, present medical insurance policy,


1. Privileged iqama will be canceled if the holder is convicted of a crime for which he or she is sentenced to 60 days or fined SR100,000, or if he or she has to be deported from the country under a court order.

2. It can also be canceled in case the data provided in the application is found to be incorrect.

3. Holders can also voluntarily relinquish the privileged residency status if they wished so.

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