What are the New Features of Saher Camera in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

New Features of Saher Camera in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Saher System uses Cameras to capture vehicles licensed number plates recognition to track any vehcile in Saudi for any Traffic Violations. There are many Features of Saher Camera system which is important to know.

New Features of Saher Camera in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

1) Speeding:

One of the Feature of Saher Camera is to monitor traffic and vehicle speeds on highways, service Lans, Exit Roads. Due to this system in place, have helped the traffic authority informed on any violation which happens on the road and have helped in reducing many criminal activities on the streets of kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

New Saher system can detect your Vehicle’s speed. Normal Vehicles & Big Vehicles will have different speeding limits and if you overspeed you’ll have to pay fines.

2) Changing Lanes:

Saudi Road system have roads for different roads for people driving on different Speeds. New feature of Saher Camera tracks vehciles if they are changing lanes excessively. Because many of the slow speeding vehicles or bigger trucks which are supposed to drive in slow track lanes changes their lanes to middle lane for speeding it.

3) Distance between Vehicles:

You should keep a minimum distance between Vehicles, Shaer camera also captures deistance between two vehciles as follows:

Sedan Cars: 3 seconds distance
SUVs: 4 seconds distance
Trucks & Heavy Vehicles: 5 seconds

If you maintain less disntance than this then you’re violating the traffic laws and will get an SMS notification from Saher System.

4) Speed between two Camera:

People generally slow down when they are nearby Saher Camera and speed when they are out of sight of Saher Camera. The New feature of Saher Camera is that it will detect if you’ve varying speeds while nearing camera. So, you’ll have to maintain the same speed acroos Saher cameras.

5) Usage of Mobile Phone & Not wearing Seat belt:

Apart from Catching Speeds, distance between vehicles Saher Camera also monitores if you aren’t wearing any seat belt or if you’re using Mobile phone or Talking on phone.

This has reduced % of Road accidents.

6) Off Road Monitoring:

Saher Camera also monitors service lanes, exit roads, city entrances and activities on Streets.

7) License Plate Recognition:

License Plate Recognition technology helps in capturing License Number plates if you’ve violated any rules. This helps you in catching stolen cars and Shaer systems informs the nearest police station in such cases.

8) Jumping Signals on Red Light:

Shaer Cameras monitors speed, distance and any other violations instantly. IF you Jump a signal the photo of your car is captured and a fine is sent to the registered address of your car.

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What is Saher System in Saudi Arabia

What is Saher System in Saudi Arabia

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