Jawazat: Visit Visa cannot get converted to Iqama

Jawazat in Saudi Arabia has informed once again that it is not allowed to convert your Visit Visas into Iqama.

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) sources clarified this while speaking to media, amid social media reports about the possibility of converting visit visa into a permanent residency with payment of fee.

All the rumours claimed by some social networking site accounts which claimed that it is possible to convert a visit visa into Iqama after paying a fee are False and not true.

Visit Visa cannot get converted to Iqama

Visit Visa cannot get converted to Iqama

The instructions issued by the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia do not allow converting a visit visa into an iqama. If a new decision or instructions are issued regarding visit visas, it will be announced immediately through the official channels,” the sources said.

Sources from Jawazat also indicated that visitors to the Kingdom with a visa for visit are not permitted to work and that punitive actions will be taken against those who violate the regulations.

Saif Al-Hakami, an attorney, warned that fraudsters are using social media platforms to cheat and make illegal money through false claims that are inconsistent with the laws and regulations in place.

In April 2013, the Law for Combating Financial Fraud and Deceit was approved by the Council of Ministers. The law provides that fraudsters convicted of financial fraud will be sentenced to a maximum seven-year term or a fine not exceeding SR 5 million or both.

Al-Hakami said that the law has provisions to punish anyone who encourages another person to commit the same crimes, agrees with him or helps him.

The maximum penalties for the crime committed based on incitement, agreement, or assistance will also be imposed. He also stated that if the original crime does not occur, the instigator will receive half the maximum punishment.

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