Facts of Worlds Tallest Tower in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah Tower

Facts of Worlds Tallest Tower in Saudi Arabic - Jeddah Kingdom

World’s Tallest Tower is under-construction in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is to be known as Jeddah Tower or Kingdom Tower. It will be a 3281 feet (1000+ meters) high building with a built-up area of 50 hectar (120 acres) and will be a tourist attraction in Jeddah.

Facts of Worlds Tallest Tower in Saudi Arabic - Jeddah Kingdom

Here are few facts about Jeddah Tower:

1) Construction is Halted

Media is ciulcating no more in contruciton in Jeddah after the detention of Al Waleed bin Talal. Construction of this project seems to be on hold.

The building concrete is currently poured up to 66 building but the main contractors struggling for the last year as some of the levels found with cracks in concrete. These cracks initially in slabs but gradually in the main core wall of the building.

2) No access above 637 meters

The observation deck was previously known as helipad but due to design and structural load the building part is unable to handle the load and convert it to observation deck instead of the helipad. There is now no access to a land helicopter at 637 meter high.

People can stay in the hotel up to level 156 while the last level where people can approach that high is level 157 located observation deck. The rest of high rise are empty and designed with transparent glass just for the lighting purpose. The upper part can’t handle the load and just stairs with lights. The lights to demonstrate the illusion from outside that people are residing that high. Somewhere only the BMU as known as building maintenance unit to install for cleaning the glass only.

3) Burj Khalifa Team working on Jeddah Towers

ASGG team who have worked building Burj Khalifa have designed Jeddah Tower too.

4) 10 years in Construction

Started in 2008, the construction is still not completed by 2018 now. If the project is going to delay few more years then Jeddah tower might not the world tallest building anymore.

5) Live Construction Cameras

Earth cams supply and installs cameras for the public view to watch construction online. The public view the images with a delay of 15 minutes while live access to client and earth cams for preparing constructions timelines.

6) Jeddah Towers for Investor Attraction

The iconic Jeddah tower construction is to attract the investors of Jeddah Economic City. The buildings around Jeddah tower will require more money to build thus the icon of the tallest building will attract investors around the world to invest and complete the dream of Waleed bin Talal Economic city.

7) The Jeddah Tower is going to have 167 habitable floors, and a total of 252 floors. There are also two underground floors.

8) There will be a balcony on level 157 that was intended to be a helipad. This will be the world’s highest observatory deck.

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