Eid Prayer from Home Procedure, How to Pray Eid Prayersfrom Home

This Eid 2020 prayers will not be conducted in mosques due to the global pandemic. It very unlikely for many Muslims that this Eid will be unlike any other Eid.

Every Eid used to be a place where worshippers gather early morning in packed mosques or ground or Eidgah wearing best of their clothes, but this year to protect ourselves and everyone will have to do it from home.

Eid Prayer from Home Procedure, How to Pray Eid Prayesr from Home

Yes you are listening it right. We have to Pray this Eid Prayers from Home

According to Islamic scholars across the country or abroad have advised us to offer Eid prayer fomr home.

It is strongly recommended to pray from home this Eid to protect us from this pandemic situation.

There are few difference on how to perform Eid Prayers at Home this year in 2020

1) Wake Up Early

  • Eid Prayer can be conducted after the 15 minute of sunrise (After Tulu).
  • You can pray individual or if can pray with family.
  • An Adult member should lead the prayer, If not adult member, then an adult Female can also lead the prayer.

Eid Prayer with congregation should be only limited to only direct family members who live within the same home. Please do not invite others and understand the situation and protect each other from this harmful disease.

2) Eid Prayer Procedure from Home

Two Rakats of Prayer:

First Rakat of Eid starts by raising your spread hands till your ears with seven takbeers of Allahu Akbar before reciting Surah Al Fatiha with another Surah of your Choice.

After the first Rakah in normal method by performing rukoo and sujood.

Second Rakah begins by giving Five takbeers of Allahu Akbar followed by, once again Surah Al Fatiha and followed by any other Surah of your choice in normal method by performing rukoo and sujood.

Note: Second Surah: It is also ideal to recite Surah Al-Qaf, Surah Al-A’la and Al-Ghashiya instead of Al-Qaf and Al-Qamar in each rakat respectively.

3) No need of Eid sermon while praying at home

Example of Anas Bin Malik
To support his fatwa, Sheikh Al-Sulaiman cited the example of Anas Bin Malik, a prominent companion of the Prophet (pbuh). He stated, “When Anas (May Allah be pleased with him), was at his home in Zawiya, a place near Basra, he did not find any Eid congregation prayer and therefore he performed prayer along with his family members and his aide Abdullah Bin Abi Otba.”

Enjoy your Eid 2020 prayers from Home and have breakfast.

May Allah accepts our prayers, Zakah and Fasts..Ameen

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