4 Days Free Transit Visit Visa for Stopovers

Saudi Arabia started offering an electronic stopover transit visa (Free Transit Visit Visa) to people from other countries who fly into the country starting Monday. People with a transit visa can stay in the kingdom for four days, and the visa is good for three months. The Saudi Press Agency said that the visa is free and will be given out at the same time as the flight ticket. The ministry made it clear that applications for transit visas can be sent through Saudi Arabian Airlines and Flynas’s online platforms.

Free Transit Visit Visa

Electronic stopover transit visa for Travellers

4 Days Free Transit Visit Visa for Stopovers in Saudi Arabia

Transit passengers who want to go to Saudi Arabia can get a transit visa, which lets them do Umrah and visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, as well as travel inside the kingdom and go to tourism events. The ministry confirms that the digital transit visa service will help reach the goals of Vision 2030 by strengthening Saudi Arabia’s position and taking advantage of its strategic location connecting different continents, its attractiveness as a station for transit passengers, and its popularity as a tourist destination around the world.

With a free Saudi visa, travellers can stay in the country for up to four days. Also, the visas will be given out electronically by the national airlines and will be good for three months.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced the new Saudi transit visa on January 30, and it went into effect right away.

To apply for the free Saudi transit visa, visitors will need to visit the electronic platforms for SAUDIA airlines and Flynas.

The application will be sent directly to the unified national visa platform at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the request will be processed and issued and sent via email to the applier and will last for a duration of four days. Like we said, the visa can be extended for up to three months and it’s free.

Official Tweet from Saudi Ministry of Foregins Affairs:

Official Tweet from AljawazatKSA:

Advantages of Transit Visit Visa:

  • Issued Free of Charge and instantly witht ravle tickets
  • Entitles the holder to a four-day stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Three months validity
  • Visitor can move to different provinces in the Kingomd and attend events
  • Visitor can perform Umrah during his stay in Saudi Arabia by booking an appointment with Nusuk App

How to Get this Visa:

Book your travel then apply for this visa through the electronic platforms of Saudi Airlines and Flynas
A digital visa will be issued and sent back to the beneficiary via e-mail by the unified National Visa Platform at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

What cannot be done using this VISA:

  • Visitor cannot perform Hajj
  • The Visa holdermust leave the kingdom (Saudi Arabia) before the visa gets expired

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