Valid Health Insurance Must for VISA Extension

Valid Health Insurance Must for VISA

The Directorate General of Passports ( Saudi Arabia’s Jawazat ) has declared that one may extend family visit visa online via Absher account only if their health insurance is stated as valid.

For the visitors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , all technical needs have been provided and all formalities have been completed for linking family visit visa extension with validity of Health Insurance Policy.

Valid Health Insurance Must for VISA

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) and National Information Centre (NIC) has made all the arrangements with its accordance and cooperation.

The visitors visa in Saudi Arabia from now onwards, cannot be extended unless there is a valid health insurance and those visitors whose insurance is expired can renew now with the insurance company and also extend their visa, as stated by the Saudi Arabia’s Jawazat.

The extension of visit visa cannot be more than 180 days even if they have valid health insurance.

The Jawazat has stated that at the time of extension of Visit Visa ,The  remaining period of family visit visa should not exceed the visa expiry of more than 3 days and should be 7 days or less.

The visitors for Hajj and Umrah , diplomatic visas, and also the official guests and the visitors to diplomatic mission are excluded from this visa condition and the remaining visitor visas have to follow the condition.

This type of extension of visa expiry condition has been made in order to cover the medical assistance and evacuation in emergencies for the visitors who are visiting the country of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

While following the procedure one can check health and medical insurance validity , policy number, etc.

Without completing the medical insurance Saudi Embassy will not issue the extension of Visit Visa . Only after the approval and validation of Health insurance a visitor is allowed to extend the family visit visa.

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