Tweet from Jawazat for Self Employed Expatriates - Saudi Expatriate


Tweet from Jawazat for Self Employed Expatriates

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Fines & Penalties to be laid on Self Employed Expatriates in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Form a recent Tweet on Jan 2nd regarding Self employed Expatriates.

So based on the the information provided on Twitter it means that Self employed expatriates will be fined and Penalized following imprisonment and then after that will be deported to their country.

Tweet from Jawazat for Self Employed

Dear resident:
The self-employed expatriate is subject to the following penalties:

1- A fine of up to 50,000 Riyals
2 – Imprisonment for up to six months
3 – Deportation

Its been difficult for self employed expats now to live in Saudi Arabia. There are many expats who are living as such and will have to think of this news as serious and take necessary steps.


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