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Hajj 2017 Completed Successfully in Saudi Arabia

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Hajj was completed successfully in the kingdom with all the arrangements made by the Goevernmet to all the Hajnm Pilgrims around the world.

Hajj 2017 Completed Successfully in Saudi Arabia-SaudiExpatriate.com

Hajj season 2017 was a huge success for everyone in the kingdom and an incredible way to show that unity of our religion, international media and social media have played a major role in proofing that to the globe by sharing many articles, videos, and picture of this huge event.

Reaction from all over the Gulf Countries and Islamic world was overall positive complimenting the overarching organization, relentless efforts and the wide range of service provided by all agencies involved in Hajj from security personnel to Saudi Boy Scouts and female volunteers.

Anwar Gargash, UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs, took to Twitter his praise the successful Hajj season. “In a nutshell, the huge success of Saudi Arabia in the Organization of Hajj is a success for all Muslims and Arabs,” Gargash tweeted.

Hajj this year was a success according to the Adviser to King Salman Prince Khaled Al-Faisal.

Prince Khaled thanked him and all Saudi officials for their efforts in organizing Hajj, saying the pilgrimage “was exceptional this year on all levels through the provision of services, execution of plans and conduct of workers.”

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