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BioMetric FingerPrint Mandatory on All VISA in Saudi Arabia

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FingerPrint is mandate for All Expatriates coming to Saudi Arabia. All Saudi VISAs including Hajj & Umrah also needs BioMetric FingerPrint.

All Saudi embassies in countries starting 1439 Hijri will ensure that Fingerprints will be taken for all the Pilgrims visiting for Hajj & Umrah coming to Saudi Arabia in their Home country itself.

BioMetric FingerPrint mandatory on All VISA in Saudi

Saudi Embassies in all countries have already informed all the tours & travels and pilgrim servies to start collecting Biometric fingerprints coming to Saudi Arabia while applyinh for Hajj & Umrah.

Earlier it was done in few countries but now it is made compulsary for all the countries and their Pilgrims about this.

The pilgrims would also be charged a fee for the process, the amount of which has not been decided so far.

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