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6 Months Jail | SR 50,000 Fine & deportation for Illegal Workers

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Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia had run Amnesty program to correct all the illegal expats and their status in Saudi Arabia.

Unauthorized or illegal expatriates an foreign workers can face severe fines and penalties which can reach upto 6 months of Jail sentence along with a fines of SR 50,000 and deportation.

6 Months Jail SR 50,000 Fine & deportation for Illegal Workers-SaudiExpatriate.com

Going forward ther will also be a fine for expats who are working indepenently and violating work will be fined upto SR 10,000 and will be deported from Saudi Arabia if the violation first time. For second time Violation there will be a fine of SR 25,000 along with 1 month Jail and deportation. Third time Offenders will pay a fine of SR 50,000 and 6 months in Jail with deportation.

Main agenda of Amnesty period was to make Saudi Arabia ‘A Nation Free of Violation’ and now as the Amnesty period is over Saudi government is back of work an residence violators.

Though Amnesty Period was helpful for almost 6,00,000 expatriates who correcte their statuses. Ministry of Labor is at rush to sweep out illegal expatriates from Saudi Market to make Saudi free of Illegal workers.

Those who are working illegal, Be careful guys and try to make yoursefl legal and Allah will help you. Insha Allah

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