Shopping Mall Jobs only for Saudi’s Now!

Shopping Mall Jobs only for Saudi's

Saudi Arabia is a country where you can see how Saudization is taking place. After initiation of Tax, Amnesty and now its Jobs in Shopping Malls.

Ministry of Labor (MOL) and Social development in Saudi Arabia have announced that Jobs in Saudi Arabian Shopping Malls must only hir Saudi Nationals (men & Women). Malls are closed Commercials which was tweeted by one of a minister on Twitter.

Shopping Mall Jobs only for Saudi's


Saudization is a great initiation in Saudi for improving Economic growth in the country and creating millions of Jobs for Saui Arabian Nationals. However, this is a bad news for All the Expatriates as now they wouldn’t be hired in Shopping Malls.

Saudi Government wishes to create more jobs for Saudi Nationals by the year 2020 in Retail sector to attract international Brands from across the globe.

Shopping Mall Jobs only for Saudi Nationals

Hope, Expats who are already working in Shopping Malls aren’t get effected by this decision by the Ministry of Labor.

Due to this decision, Ministry of Labor is planning to cut down 12% unemployment toward their Vision 2030. Though, ministry will provide time to implement this decision, it will create panic in expatriate who are working in Shopping Malls in Saudi.

Per the current Rate 1.5 million workers are meployed in Retail Sector out of which Saudi Nationals are only 20%, the rest 80% includes expatriates and foreign workers from other countires.

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