Increased Fuel Prices in KSA – March 2021

Saudi Aramco has increased the fuel prices (Petrol & Gasoline) starting in March 2021

Fuel Prices in KSA MArch 2021

Saudi Aramco has increased the fuel prices (Petrol & Gasoline) starting in March 2021

Gasoline 91 price has been increased by 5%. Earlier Gasoline 91 prices was 1.8 SR and now its will be 1.90 SR. While Gasoline 95 price was also increase by 3% from .94 SR to 2.01 SR

Fuel Prices in Saudi Arabia will be revised monthly on the 10th of every month. According to Saudi Aramco whenever there will be any revision in the Fuel price the effect in price will be made instantly on the same day itself.

Saudi Aramco has increased Fuel Prices for March 2021. Latest Petrol/ Gasoline Prices in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for March 2021 are given below:

Fuel Prices in KSA MArch 2021

Increase in Fuel Prices in KSA for March 2021

Gasoline 91 Price in Saudi (KSA): 1.90 SAR / litre ( increased from 1.81 SAR in February 2020)

Gasoline 95 Price in Saudi (KSA): 2.04 SAR / litre ( increased from 1.94 SAR in February 2020)

No Changes for Diesel, Kerosene & LPG for the month of March

Diesel Price in Saudi (KSA): 0.52 SAR / litre

Kerosene Price in Saudi (KSA): 0.70 SAR / litre

LPG Price in Saudi Arabia: 0.75 SAR / litre

Fuel Price has been increase from March across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Aramco has adjusted the fuel prices subject to changes in export prices of crude Oil from Saudi to Global Markets

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