Bid to make 75% of Private Sector Top Positions Saudize

Bid to make 75% of Private Sector Top Positions

Saudi Arabia is moving towards increasing Saudization in Private sector. Shoura Council has a bid to saudized 75% of Top management positions in Private sector companies.

This step is towards Vision 2030 where 75% of all the jobs including Private and public sectors in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be Saudized.

Bid to make 75% of Private Sector Top Positions

Shoura council members have said that they would required private sector to prepare a plan to train young Saudi locals (men & women) and groom them for specific jobs based available in Private sector companies in the country.

Saudization in Private sector Top Positions 

once they are groomed properly for the job, they can transition other employees in a smooth manner to ensure no impact is on the private sector business.

This proposal was submitted by Saudi Shoura Council members Muhammad Al-Jarbaa, Faisal Al-Fadhil, Ghazi Binzagr and Abdullah Al-Khalidi.

They also said that it is important to have Saudi locals in Top managerial positions in Public and private sector companies in Saudi Arabia.

This will boost the motivation of qualifies Saudi Men and Women and increase Saudization in Private Sector. So, Expats have be more qualified for the jobs if they have to stay in their positions.

I request all my expat brothers and sisters to up skill themselves or learn something new if you’re planning to be there in Saudi Arabia or want your Job to be there.

You can also write to me for any personal counselling required if you don’t know what to do further. Write to us at

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