Bad Behavior at Work is Strictly Punishable in Saudi

Bad Behavior at Work is strictly Punishable in

Ministry of Labor & Social Development has approved control over the acts against bad behavior at work. As per the resolution passed the aim is to protect freedom, dignity and privacy of an individual.

This resolution will start from October 20 2019 and as per Khaled Abba Al-Khayl who is the official spoke person has explained that this decision was taken to improve work environment across Saudi Arabia and to comfort all the Job-Seekers with their rights at work.

Bad Behavior at Work is strictly Punishable in

“This resolution was based on labor law and its executive regulations, the Cabinet’s decision to fight harassment and some international practices on the elimination of violence and harassment at work,”

There are many models when it comes to the implementation of this decision which will not only help employees, but also the employers in providing better workspace to all the workers and employees working in their firms.

Any Bad behaviour / abuse between two individuals, including exploitation, threats, harassment, extortion, inducement, quarrel, insult, offense, or deliberate seclusion with the opposite sex, as well as any form of discrimination whether on the basis of gender or otherwise will have break this law and this due to this infringement they might face strict legal action.

So better be careful while performing your duties at work or even anywhere in Saudi Arabia. Give respect & Take respect must be or policy which are the basics of Islam too.

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