1.2 Million Work Visas issued in Saudi for 2019

1.2 Million work Visas issued in

Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor & Social Development has provided the statistics that they have issued 1.2 millions work visas in the year 2019.

Whereas in 2018 they issued only 6,00,000 Visas, but in 2019 they was a 100% increase in work Visas. Saudi market has attracted new visitors in the year 2019 with scope of new investments.

1.2 Million work Visas issued in

Many small and Medium size business and enterprises ave faced a challenges with routine procedures of commercial registration and issuance of work visas. Now, it has become easier for these companies to complete incorporation and financing requirements in a short time.

As per the labor minister many new agreements were signed with the private sector to provide more than half a million jobs and more half a million jobs are available for freelancing which still needs to be regulated.

As per the srouces there is also a new website established by the goverment to regulate freelance work and around 15000 work prmits were issued to freelances in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Work Visa numbers in 2019 was really good.Hope to see this increase in numbers in 2020 too.

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