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Requirements for Final Exit Visa SaudiArabia

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Getting a Final Exit Visa is as important as getting an Entry Visa to Saudi Arabia. Because, without getting a Final Exit Visa, you cannot leave Saudi Arabia. provides you few tips & Requirements for you before Final Exit Visa.

Important Things & Requirements for Final Exit

Few Important things to do & Requirements before getting your Final Exit Visa:

  • Check & Clear your Utility Bills, if any
  • Cancel or unsubscribe your SIM cards
  • Pay all your Traffic Violations & Fines
  • Pay all Police Fines, if any to get Police Clearance Certificate
  • De-activate Bank Account after withdrawing or Tranferring money to you account, before your Bank account get Frozen
  • If staying with family, send your dependents to your home country with your important belongings and leftover can be taken back by you.
  • Make sure you take everything from your Apartment and send it to your Home Country
  • You will get your all your End of Service benefits from your Employer after your final visa gets processed

Please make sure that all the above things are done before applying for Final Exit VISA and once you get the Final Exit Visa get it stamped.

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