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Gold Shops in Saudi Arabia not fully Saudized

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Most of the Gold Shops in Saudi Arabia are still run by expatriates. Though the practise of tasattur (Expatriates doing Illegal business in the name of Sponsor) should put to an end a years back.

Gold Shops in Saudi Arabia not fully

Most of the Gold Shops pay low salaries in such jobs for which most fo the Saudi Nationals don’t want to work in such low paying jobs and long hour Jobs and Expatriates have competition to work in Gold Shops.

Members of the Precious Mineral Committee have said ht why Gold Shops have not been Saudized due to the above reason.

Abdulghani Al-Mahna, member of the committee, said the latest calls by the Ministry of Labor to enforce Saudization in the gold shops is the last chance for Saudis who want to work for the shops. It is also the last chance to eradicate tasattur practices, especially in light of the decrease in number of Saudis who work in the shops. The Eastern Province has seen a low percentage of Saudization in gold shops because expatriate workers who control the market drive Saudis away.

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