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School Fees for Expatriates to be imposed in Saudi (KSA)

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Saudi Nationals have the right to get Free Education in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But its becoming difficult for the Saudi Government go give Free education to Non-Saudis (Expatriates) which will put them together as Saudi Nationals.

Saudi Arabia is planning to impose Fees on Expatriate children in State owned Public Schools. Most of the Expatriate students study in Saudi Arabian Schools.

Fees for Expatriates to be imposed at State Public

Approx 1 Million Expatriate students study in public schools and are getting full facilities, high quality services, Free Books without any cost.

With the help of these Fees Saudi Arabia wants to increase its non-oil revenuw to improve their economy.

Saudi Arabia is taking extreme steps in making Expats Life miserable in Saudi by implementing Dependent Tax, Removal of Expats from Govt. Jobs, Shopping Malls and Bakhals.

Fees to be imposed will not only be for ublic schools but also for expatriate children studying in Private schools. Private schools allocate a portion of their income which is generated by non-Saudis for the development of the Kingdom’s education sector. This also falls under our corporate social responsibility.

Expatriates are worried about the Kingdom imposing fees on School Fees as well.

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