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How to Use Unblock Whatsapp in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

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WhatsApp & Viber which wasn’t working in Saudi Arabia and other GCC Countries s started working for few of the Whatsapp Users in Saudi. If WhatsApp works in the Kingdom will help all the Expatriates and Foreign workers who are living and working in Saudi Arabia to make Audio & Video calls using Whatsapp.

Though the Communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia informed that they have neither blocked the calling features or return of such a feature.

How to Use Unblock Whatsapp in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

We got to know from Social Media on Facebook & Twitter that its working for most of them.

For Few Users it was working after updating the latest version of Whatsapp from Playstore or Apple iStore.

For users, those who aren’t able to make Audio and Video Calls using Whatsapp don’t get unhappy, as you can still make calls using Whatsapp using the below Technique by Unblocking Whatsapp.

Note: Don’t ever try installing or using a VPN in Saudi Arabia. Its illegal to use VPN as per the strict Internet Censorship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Try Updating WhatsApp with latest Version from Google PlayStore or Apple iStore
  • If that doesn’t work, uninstall Whatsapp and Download a few older version of Whatsapp on your Android or Apple Phone.
  • Try at least 2-3 versions of Whatsapp, any one should definitely work. This is a tested method and on different mobile phone.
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Happy! Video Calling through WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia. Please do leave your Comments ans Share this Post with your friends if helpful.

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